Sunday, October 11, 2009

youtube fail

They've forced everyone to the new channels now, despite the overwhelming majority of people hating them.

Why don't big websites (facebook, youtube, etc.) actually fucking LISTEN to their users' input?

The new channels make it impossible to put together a quicklist of videos, something I'd used somewhat frequently. They also have horrible navigation and you can't view comments on the video from them at all.

People have been telling them how much the new channels suck since they were unveiled, and they've made no effort to even address criticisms or complaints. They just acted like we, the users who have to use their now shitty site, don't know jack about what we actually want to see and use. In reality it's the exact opposite, they don't know jack about what users want and in the process they're succumbing to all this "oh web 2.0 for everything nobody should ever have to experience the jarring process of a page load more than once" bullshit.

They're just out of touch. Where's my option to not have videos autoplay dammit? It wouldn't be that hard to implement, especially considering your channel's featured video has an autoplay toggle. I wouldn't mind having them auto-load, so that I have the entire damn video when I hit play and I don't experience the hell that is YouBuffering, but... seriously, your site sucks, YouTube.

I might as well just bookmark my subscriptions page because my channel page is ugly and unusable now.

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