Friday, October 30, 2009


For this post you'll know that my sleep schedule isn't normal. I sleep during the day. Deal with it.

Anyway, sometime between noon and 3 PM I momentarily woke up long enough to hear the UPS guy knock on the door. Fortunately I knew it wasn't a package I'd have to sign for, so I just went back to sleep. At 3 I got up and brought the box inside. It was some stuff my mom had ordered from L.L.Bean. Then I went back to sleep.

During this time I had this dream that I opened the door and there was another package there that I somehow hadn't noticed. I remember in the dream it had been pretty much right next to the first one and I just hadn't seen it or picked it up. I don't remember what it was.

I got up at 5 PM and lo and behold, there was another package on the front porch, this time from FedEx. It was the Hamilton Beach nonstick contact grill that I'd gotten off of My Coke Rewards for 1700 points.

So I bring in a package, go to sleep, have a dream about opening the door and finding another package out there, then I get up, open the door, and find another package out there.


The grill itself is pretty neat. It's pretty much a takeoff of a George Foreman grill, slightly slanted with a little catch tray for the fat or whatever. I reheated some taco meat in it, and it worked pretty well. Being nonstick it also cleaned up really easily.

The only real drawbacks are its size (it's tiny, you could only really fit two hamburger patties in it) and that it doesn't have any form of adjustment knob. You just plug it in and it's on. The tray looks like the sides are designed to be a little drawer, but it doesn't actually have rails for it, so if you pick the thing up you'll leave the tray behind.

It came with a manual that aside from instructions and warnings has some recipes designed to be cooked with the grill. It's also bilingual (English and what I believe is French). It also came with a scraper/spatula thing designed for it (you know, so it won't harm the non-stick coating).

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