Friday, October 9, 2009

so yeah, guitar hero

I've been posting about other things and actually trying to avoid talking about it too much. I still play the game though, and I'm still racking up the FCs. Here's a summary of FCs I haven't mentioned and other notable stuff.

GH1: I fired this up after playing Bark At The Moon in Smash Hits a bunch, and holy crap Bark At The Moon is severely undercharted (just like everything else) in GH1. I cleared it on my first try. No reason to play this game ever.

GH2: Nothing since the FC of Mr. Fix-It.

I don't have GH Encore Rock the 80's.

GH3: No FCs since Bulls On Parade, however, I'm getting better at The Way It Ends, to the point that I've 4-starred it a second time with a lower score. Still haven't cleared Raining Blood in Expert career yet. I have a lot less of a hard time with Before I Forget's octave chord bridge now and can usually pass the song.

GHWT: Bought all the clothing and guitar/bass parts that I have available to buy. Whee.

Guitar: Obstacle 1 and Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) FCs. Stupid chokes on The One I Love and Some Might Say. I suck, I know. Passed Hot For Teacher and Satch Boogie on Hard, still can't pass either on Expert.

Bass: A bunch of FCs. I forget where I left off. Looking back through posts tagged "Guitar Hero" I see the last WT Bass FC I mentioned was Livin' On A Prayer, so... Escuela De Calor, Toy Boy, You're Gonna Say Yeah!, Rebel Yell, Mountain Song, American Woman, Go Your Own Way, and Do It Again.


Guitar: For Whom The Bell Tolls. I use this one as warmup, similar to GHWT's Beautiful Disaster and GH3's Generation Rock. I'd probably try for Turn The Page - Live, but the song's note chart cramps my left hand about 1/4th of the way through. Other than that, it's an easy song.

Bass: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Turn The Page - Live, and The Unforgiven.

GHSH: Staggeringly close to both Guitar and Bass FCs of YYZ. The Bass part is every bit as hard as the Guitar part on this one.

Guitar: I Love Rock 'N Roll (the easiest song in all of Guitar Hero), Killer Queen (75% of the chart is piano), Heart-Shaped Box, and Hey You (I still think the end of the solo is overcharted, but I haven't slowed it down in practice to listen for notes), 327k Through The Fire and Flames.

Bass: Hey You (1st place sightread FC! It's still 1st even, my 1st on Enter Sandman is now a 5th), Hit Me With Your Best Shot 100% overstrum (Pat Benatar's bassist loves strummy outros it seems), I Love Rock 'N Roll (sightread FC), Take Me Out (sightread FC), Killer Queen, Nothin' But A Good Time (sightread FC)

I don't have GH5 or GH Van Halen.

So yeah, that's about it. Mostly bass FCs, but a decent amount of guitar mixed in.

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