Friday, October 2, 2009

/me stabs Bono

So CAINE had a meeting as usual tonight. Only difference: I had to park about a mile away and walk, instead of parking across the street from the building and taking the pedestrian bridge over. Why'd I have to do that?

Streets were closed because of a fucking U2 concert. These closed streets prevented me from getting to the parking lot I normally park in.

God dammit.

And so after the meeting we had our usual gathering to go talk about random things for a few hours, and then we left. And by left, I mean we sat in traffic for longer than it would have taken for me to just fucking walk to where I parked. Having friends who will give you a ride to your own car when it's far away is a great thing, but it just took forever to get away from Scott Stadium. This is because our city's traffic direction sucks dicks.

You know what city is completely awesome at directing traffic? Indianapolis, Indiana. Seriously. For almost the past 100 years, they've hosted the Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This event draws hundreds of thousands of fans who all need to leave the city right after the event. So what do they do? They take all the roads around the track (including a four lane highway) and make them one-way out of the city. You can leave a race and negotiate the traffic in no time.

What does Charlottesville do? Block off random left turns and straight lanes, no roads are made temporarily one way, and critical intersections without traffic lights don't have traffic direction at all. It's a nightmare. If you're local traffic trying to traverse event traffic in Charlottesville, you're fucked. Nobody cares about anything other than the event and they assume that if you're driving on those roads you must be attending the event.

Bono really has very little to do with this as it's the same regardless of event, but U2 is so overrated that I'm not letting up.

At least on the mile long walk (or at least it felt that way) from U-Hall to Newcomb Hall, I got to hear Muse opening for them playing their one good song, Knights of Cydonia.

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