Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stuff (and things)

King Nothing Expert Bass FC finally. 259754 points, 3rd on PS2.

Broke 800k on Mercyful Fate (Expert Guitar) with a completely random 809739 a few days ago, and then today out of nowhere I got 857662. Maybe 900k is a little closer than I thought? On my 857k run I only missed 3 SP phrases, and they were all stupid drops.

I finally found a plugin for foobar2000 that can slow down music, so now it'll be a lot easier for me to chart the last part of Alsatia's solo. This plugin also does pitch shifting and a couple other things. Playing Through The Fire and Flames at -33.33% tempo with a -6.00 semitone pitch shift is lulz. If you want to get it and play around with it, it's foo_dsp_soundtouch. You may or may not need some Visual C++ runtimes and/or one or another version of .NET installed to use it.

So it's a new semester for all the students, which means more fun at UVa's anime club. The activities fair went well, though due to the layout we ended up not being able to have more than one or two people at the table at once. There went my super special awesome plan to bring chairs to sit on. Fortunately this gave those of us not at the table a chance to catch up. I know, we have the internet and all, but who the hell posts every aspect of their life on the internet?

This also means that CAINE House is in full swing, and with it plenty of video gaming and parties are to come. After the activities fair, we spent a while playing Geometry Wars on the 360, during which time we instituted a game modifying rule for evening play: every few minutes someone opens the front door of the house. Since our screen was a wall (projector lol) and the sun was in the right spot, this made it really hard to see until the door was closed. After that there was some Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, BlazBlue (I killed my thumb on yet another dpad, I don't have a PS3 stick because I don't have a PS3), Virtual-On, and Tales of Vesperia (co-op RPGs ftw). I'm having trouble putting most of that into a chronologic sequence of events at the moment, but I do remember that BlazBlue was at the end of the night. Jin is so broken. Bread and butter = combo into air, end combo with freeze, land, relaunch and repeat.

CAINE House needs more co-op games. We'll probably end up with a GH/RB setup, but some non-music/rhythm/roleplaying genres would be nice too. I'm thinking racing games with co-op would be neat, but the only one I can think of at the moment is *ahem* Rumble Racing. I know the simulation racers have vs. modes, but what about team play? Teams are a big part of every racing series ever, so it'd be neat to be able to do that in a game. Maybe have a four player splitscreen with two teams vs. each other. Who knows.

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