Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flash Games Revisited

Since my last post about flash games, it's only natural to expect me to find others, so here's an update.

Ok, so I cheated, this (like the previous post) is a random selection out of my Newgrounds favorites.

Toss The Turtle - Shoot a turtle out of a cannon, and use various things to keep it from stopping. Get money, buy better stuff, repeat. Go for high distance. Protip: the AK-47 is the best weapon in the game despite being mid-tier just because its ammo capacity is way higher than any other weapon. Learn to feather touch your mouse button to just fire one round at once and it'll last quite a while.

The Competitor - Tired of regular shoot-em-ups? Ever wanted to play as the army trying desperately to hold back that stupid single enemy ship that somehow destroys everything? Here you go. Select your enemy type (they have different stats) and draw your pattern on the screen. You have an ink gauge that limits your drawing ability, and some enemies take more ink than others.

This Is The Only Level - From the creator of Achievement Unlocked. There is only one level in the game, but you have to complete it over and over again with different rules and mechanics each time. You should recognize the main protagonist elephant if you've played Achievement Unlocked.

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore - If you've ever wanted to kill lots of cute animals, well, this game is for you. As you kill them, you can pick up their guts and bones to get experience. Once you get enough, you can upgrade your weapon. Features a wide array of weapons, truly awesome sound effects, and 68 achievements to unlock. Best weapon by far in my opinion is the pirate cannon. No other weapon can take out a big enemy with one shot.

The Arrow of Time - From the creators of The Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade of No Real Significance. It's also the rare defense game that I actually like. This one has depth that most don't. Sure you can buy upgrades and different types of arrows, but you can also combine two different types of arrows' effects together. So if you want to make homing explosive arrows, go right ahead. The best DPS is actually homing piercing arrows, and this is also the only combination I've found that will get you the "20 arrows on screen at once" medal.

Red Remover - A puzzle game. Remove the red blocks and circles in as few clicks as possible. Features 45 levels, possibly the best usage of smiley (and frowny) faces ever, and a bonus mode to test your memory of each level's layout and solution. Each level has a "par" number of clicks, which in most cases is the minimum number of clicks, but it can be beaten on several levels. None more hilarious than level 44, which I happen to have made a video of. Par is 31? Seriously? 23 is all you need ;)

Newgrounds Sim - Old but good. You play a start-up flash developer making games and movies and submitting them to Newgrounds. Your goal is undefined at the beginning but becomes clearer later on when the sticker list is given to you (this is the achievement list). When you get all of them, you win. One neat thing: when setting up your in-game Newgrounds account, you can give it a picture to use as your profile picture. Give it something small because it'll take forever resizing it, but it's definitely a neat feature. I just took the one I wanted to use (which it turns out is actually Tsuina from To Heart rather than Yomi from Azumanga Daioh... rrg) and put it on my server so it could actually find it, since it didn't want to use a local file.

Territory War - Ever play one of those tank games where you choose your angle and power and try to hit the enemy? This is similar to that, but with stick figures. You can move; there are several different levels with varied terrain; and you have grenades, guns, and your feet for weapons (That's right, you can kick people. Best used near a pit.). Has a single player campaign that's pretty much there just to get you used to the controls and aiming, grenade power, etc., so you can play the two player mode with a friend. You can also exploit the game's hit detection to send your gun accuracy to impossible levels. Simply pile all the members of one team exactly in the same spot, and shoot the pile with the gun. You'll easily get 200-300% accuracy this way. It'd be nice if you could get the full 600% (max team size is 6), but I rarely ever get more than two or three people perfectly positioned.

I'm going to stop editing this and go to sleep since my virus scanner is busy eating up every spare CPU cycle it can find. There will very likely be another wallpaper update somewhat soon, just a heads-up.

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