Monday, August 31, 2009

Azureus is now annoyware

Nearly every time I download something it pops up a box asking for a donation. There's no way to turn this shit off in the options. They're trying to guilt trip donations out of people. How many times do I have to say "no I'm not fucking donating" before it stops fucking bugging me? There's no option to say "Never ask again", only "ask later".

What was the last version of Azureus to lack this nag dialog and where can I download it?

You seriously think annoying the fuck out of your users is going to get you more donations? That's not how donations work. People have to want to donate. Otherwise it's just extortion.

If another bittorrent client would add a decent rss feed scanner I would switch away in an instant. Seriously, that's the only thing keeping me on this pile of shit. I need regex matching and the ability to tell each filter what feed it should be looking at. I don't want bullshit "oh we try to figure out what season and episode it is" predetermined shitty matching options, I just want straight regular expressions. None of the stuff I download has a season/episode number in any of the expected formats anyway, it's usually just "[group name] series title - episode number (codecs involved)" or something similar.

I'm going to give Deluge a try. It has a few RSS plugins with regex support. One is really wonky with its formatting strings though. Seriously just give me a straight up regex matching the feed entry title. None of this "oh I want episode [0-9]{1,2}." I want to be able to take my existing regexes and paste them into the new thing and have it work. For instance, my Basquash filter is Basquash\! [0-9]{1,2} \[umai\]. Why does it need to be more complex than that? As long as it's case insensitive or can be globally configured to be case insensitive it's all good.

The only decent looking RSS-with-regex plugin for Deluge is for its webui. That might actually work out better, if I just ran off of a web ui and could access all my running torrents from my web browser. Less taskbar clutter and all.

I can't switch immediately because I have three torrents going (with a fourth destined to come in just as soon as the next episode of Basquash is released), but once I can afford to close Azureus and free up the port it's using, it's go time. I'll probably post a review of Deluge once I get it going and set it up the way I want it and all.

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