Saturday, August 22, 2009

sankaku's danbooru instance is slow

Click next page, go browse other sites for 5 minutes, come back, see that the page doesn't contain anything I'm interested in, repeat.

Someone get them a faster server or optimize the software or something, because fuck.

The only thing that prompted this is that I had seen a couple images of Yomi in their galleries that don't show up when you search for mizuhara_koyomi. I figured I'd be nice and go tag them, but it's taking for-fucking-ever.

On top of that apparently I'm not allowed to use more than four tags in a search. Maybe this is because I haven't registered or something, but being able to search for more than four tags would definitely make this go faster.

Holy shit there's a lot of K-On ero. I just got an entire page full of it. My tags I'm searching for are "megane brown_hair brown_eyes -mizuhara_koyomi". I'm excluding mizuhara_koyomi because the images I'm looking for don't show up in a search just for that tag, so having those in the result set (as megane brown_hair brown_eyes will do) just makes it take longer.

The two images I've seen that don't show up are from a Santa-san gallery a while back and their recent "oppai pressed against glass" gallery.

I just noticed an image that brings up a new point. Apparently there's a To Heart character (Tsuina) that looks fairly similar to Yomi. That may in fact be the character in the Santa-san image.

If you hadn't figured it out already, I'm making a new paragraph every time I start another page loading.

Just saw Tsuina again. Dammit. Going through all 60 pages of results for this search is going to take at least a couple hours.

I might as well link both images. Maybe in the process of doing this I'll find a faster way to find them because holy fuck this is taking forever. Aside from the useful tagging features, why would anyone want to use the Danbooru software if it's this fucking slow?

Fuck I think both of them are actually Tsuina. They both have the same hairstyle, which is the same as the hairstyle in the other pictures I'm finding that are tagged to_heart. It's slightly different from Yomi's, and I'd been disregarding that because it looked like her.

Maybe now I need to see To Heart? Wasn't it originally an eroge before they made the anime?

Fuck, they're both indeed Tsuina. A search for "to_heart tsuina" just showed me both images I was looking for.


On the plus side, I did find this image before starting my search. Maybe it's time to go through all images tagged akiyama_mio again?

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