Wednesday, July 8, 2009

omg yay

Through The Fire and Flames really is easier in GH:SH. I know this because I can get through the intro. It's slider notes, which means I can just tap it and not have to worry about my failure of an elbow strum.

I have to SP hoard because I never know which phrases I'll get and which I'll miss. When do I use it? Just after Twin Solo, on what was once the Red Snake. I'm always in the red at that point, and after what was once called So Far Away III I'm back in the green.

"What was once called..."? Yeah. For whatever reason, Neversoft handed GH:SH over to Beenox, who didn't see it fit to keep the same section names or section marker locations. So instead of it being So Far Away III like we're used to, it's something stupid like Chorus 3A and 3B. I don't know why they subdivided the sections, but they also did it to the intro, which caught me off-guard the first time I loaded it up in practice.

The point of this post is because I finally passed the fucker on expert guitar. 264,063 points. A really shitty 3 star, but it's better than no stars.

The intro has changed ever so slightly, I guess just to fuck with everyone's muscle memory on the tapping pattern. I use iamchris4life's tapping method, modified for the new chart. I'd show the differences and stuff but:
  1. Dinner's ready
  2. and Facebook'd fuck up the formatting and I'd have to reply saying "OMG TEH FAECBOOK FORMATTING FIAL VIEW ON MAH BLAG" like usual.

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