Saturday, July 18, 2009

ADV manga sucks

It's been forever since I last bought a volume of manga produced by ADV. This would be directly related to them halting production of all of their manga licenses. It's rather hard for your manga division to make money when they're not fucking doing anything.

Because I know you care, here is some relevant information about the manga I was reading that they were releasing. I would like the last two volumes of Steel Angel Kurumi. I would like to see how it ends. There are no scanlations online anywhere, hell, I can't even find raws.

Similarly, I want more Yotsuba&!. A google search for "yotsubato volume 6 scanlate", however, brings up a yahoo answers page where an answer that isn't the asker's chosen answer says that Yen Press has acquired the rights and will be releasing it beginning in September. Indeed, this appears to be true. The asker's chosen answer is, surprise, about scanlations, however I'd already found the site they linked to and tried to download the first chapter I don't have and discovered that trying to download anything off of it results in an HTTP 403 Forbidden error.

So in summary, fuck you ADV. I hope Yen Press doesn't fuck up the translation.

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