Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's raining outside.

I used the subject "HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK" too recently to use it again, but it's definitely applicable here.

Guitar Hero Smash Hits.


Lead guitar.

Raining Blood.


Smash Hits' Mosh 1 is a lot easier to hit. I didn't think moving the bottom note of each orange descending slide from red to green would make much of a difference, but... yeah. It did.

I even hit the 5 note chord at the end, even though I dropped red a little bit thereafter.

Also this is one for the "shitty run with an exact score" record as well since I got 160000 points.

PS2 crashed from the awesomeness. Thankfully it saved. I think it was actually trying to prevent me from playing Rock and Roll All Nite. Why didn't it do that for Miss Murder, the other song that shouldn't have been in the game?

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