Monday, July 13, 2009

Music is fun

A while back, I wrote a quick 30 second loop called "Peaceful Town". Since then I've had some more ideas on how to extend it. My goal right now is to get it to a minute and a half, right now I've got it at a minute.

You can grab the extended version here. It's 695KB, and encoded in Ogg Vorbis just like before. If you need something to play it, I recommend Foobar2000. In addition to lengthening it, I also added proper key_offs for stopping the notes in the main melody whenever they stop, as opposed to using the note cut command. It sounds better this way, though they kinda fade out which I don't like but couldn't find a good solution to.

Just in case you're wondering, I wrote this in MilkyTracker, an open source cross-platform FastTracker 2 clone. I forget where I got the samples from, so I've uploaded the archive they came in here. It's a rar archive, so you'll need Izarc or 7-Zip or something to unpack it. Yeah, the directory and file names are in spanish. Whatever. I used the grand piano and flute samples.

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