Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chrono Trigger DS: Holy crap this Spekkio run

Take a look at this.  TAKE A FUCKING LOOK AT THIS.

Man, I'm never gonna beat that.  Knocked out both guards in the prison escape.  Still missed the battle skip just before Yakra (it's pixel-perfect, to be fair).  Everything else was nigh-on perfect.  I knew I could save time over my previous run, but... this much?  Seriously?

I mean, there's plenty of little fiddly bits I can optimize.  Things like my battle speed setting, and figuring out faster ways of getting through the few fights I actually fight.  But those optimizations are only going to save a handful of seconds.  I'm predicting that a 47:30 is about optimal for this glitchless run.

I may try my hand at the glitched version of this run, once I finish the stat maxing that I'm doing.  I don't think the fade-out menu glitch even works on the DS version, so it'll be on SNES.

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