Monday, March 23, 2015

Chrono Trigger DS: Still Improving

So, the latest batch of optimizations gave me this run.  It's not as fast as it could have been, but I can work through it, right?

Thanks LiveSplit config, for making my "best segments" layout
component just show my current split times.  Thanks a lot.
The optimizations are as follows:
  • Holding A on the world map to instantly enter locations
  • Using Lightning 2 instead of Luminaire with Crono
    • This makes the Guardian + Bits fight take a hit from Lucca to seal the deal, but it's still faster
  • Using Lightning 2 on the 5 random Acids/Alkalines instead of regular attacks
  • Basically not switching Crono to Luminaire until the Spekkio fight, where we can do it without time penalty while Lucca and Robo are taking their turns.
Overall, I felt pretty good about that run.  Didn't I say I'd never beat my previous time?  Anyway.

The two green splits in there indicate that while I was still ahead on overall time, those splits were slower than my personal best time.  That's why my sum of best is no longer the same as my fastest run.  I don't know why the Dragon Tank and Spekkio splits don't show the faster times under Best Segments, nothing I change in LiveSplit makes that happen.  In future runs, I'll just have the Sum of Best beneath my split times and that'll be it, because I don't feel like wrestling with LiveSplit's config.

I did, of course, trigger the stupid battle just before Yakra's room, as well as an accidental Alkaline battle in the Factory.  Other than that, nothing accidental happened of note.  Miscellaneous split-second terrain snags, etc.  I'll worry about them if they're still happening when I stop being able to improve so significantly with each run.

I'm really beginning to wonder how much of this is applicable to the SNES, where I never did get much faster than 51 minutes (in-game time, of course).  I know the new equipment from the DS version is helping me, but how much is it helping?

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