Monday, November 24, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS Stuff

So, over on the right, I've added a new little box thing in that column, titled "Chrono Trigger DS".  Right now, since I'm working on maxing out everyone's level (and getting Magus his techs, which will happen naturally once he's in the party), it's showing character levels and my current party.

It won't always show character levels, though.  It'll reflect what I'm currently doing in the game.

Once I'm done doing stuff, it'll disappear.

Since that doesn't get preserved historically very well, I'll do summary posts every now and then, such as the remainder of this post.

Geno Dome grinding is going on strong, and I've got Crono/Ayla/Robo up to level 96.  Getting Ayla to 96, of course, grants her the Bronze Fist, which makes her critical hits deal 9999 damage.

When I was doing this on the SNES cartridge, I wrote a PowerShell script to calculate how many more grinding runs are left until the next character level and tech, given the grinding location and XP/TP remaining.  It's fairly extensively documented, and I may release it here when I'm done with the XP/TP grinding.  It's aptly named ctgrind.ps1, and all of its directions use the item names and terminology from the SNES/PS1 versions of the game, which are the names and terminology that everyone's used to.  It does cater to the DS version wherever it's truly relevant, but it was written mostly for the SNES/PS1 versions.

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