Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chrono Trigger DS: Lost Sanctum

After you escape the Blackbird and get the upgraded Epoch, the game unlocks its new content.  I ventured over to 65,000,000 BC to see what was up, and after finding the incredibly finnicky landing spot, I inspected the Lost Sanctum.

Initially, it's empty.  If you explore around as I did, you'll eventually find a forest full of monsters.  Killing all the monsters liberates the reptite citizens of this village, and they give you a series of jobs that involve time travel from 65,000,000 BC to 600 AD, where the citizens of that village give you more jobs, and by virtue of time travel, things you start in 65,000,000 BC will be finished.

The jobs, as I've called them, are basically a series of fetch quests.  Doing them gets you money, equipment, power/magic/speed tabs, and more.

As far as the areas you'll be doing these fetch quests in, I have a complaint.  There are unavoidable battles, seemingly placed directly in any path you might actually want to take.  I get it, it's an RPG, I'm supposed to fight things.  At the same time, I just want to get the fetch quests done and it makes absolutely no sense why I can't run past things.  These unavoidable battles strike much more of a nerve than the unavoidable battles elsewhere in the game, simply because you experience these far more often.

Having seen what this is like, I think I'll hold off for just a little bit.  I need to go revive Crono...

Edit: as it turns out, I'm almost done with it.  So I guess I'll go finish it and then revive Crono.  Now to get that Wonder Rock to spawn so I can get the Lumicite so I can get the Elemental Aegis for Lucca...

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