Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Promised Find Mii 2 Files

Here are the Photoshop files I concocted using The Mystical One's image guides on GameFAQs.  I created them in Photoshop CS2 because that's what I have, so, you know, be aware about compatibility or something.

Within the zip file, you'll find a folder containing the two Photoshop files.  Unzip the whole thing somewhere, load them up in Photoshop, and it should be fairly simple to see where to go from there.  However, because I'm nice, I'll still explain things here.

Using them is fairly straightforward.  All the checkboxes have layers whose visibility can be toggled.  The first checkbox in each group is actually toggled just by enabling the group itself, but for the rest you'll have to expand the group.

There's even toggleable lines to cross out the entries under Traps, Solutions, and Keys once you've dealt with it or gotten the key.  Also, note that for Find Mii 2's secret quest, getting the gold key only requires that you use 25 Miis or less on the Dark Emperor fight, not 25 Miis on the entire playthrough.  I got it on my first playthrough, with a level 15 team and some random other guys to use Vials of Valor, and I kept using the aforementioned Vials of Valor to bring back my level 15 team.  I used a total of 104 Miis on that playthrough.

The route progress box instructions should hopefully be clear, but in case they aren't, use the marquee tool on the sequence of numbers that indicate each route, right under where it says Routes and has checkboxes and stuff.

The whole goal of these files was so that whenever I loaded them up, I could easily see where I was and what I'd done.  You can also save off a copy as a PNG to share on whatever social network is all the rage these days, and brag to your friends.


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