Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Yeah, that didn't take too long.  I've got the basics up and running.  Nothing fancy, because for that I need to use SQL LEFT JOINs, and they currently hate me and refuse to return the data I want.  I need to sit down and logic out all the stuff, I guess.

Anyway, I've got a simple stats page showing my progress in four different ways: breeds grown , breed-colors grown, and breaking down breed-colors by color and family.

Overall I'm a lot closer to being done than I thought I was.  I have a mere 63 breed-colors left to grow.  I just started in on the big one: I had 16 breeds left that needed to be grown in White.  Next time I get a brown Mii, which happens occasionally thanks to some random Japanese guy, I can plant all four of the breeds that I need in Brown.  The rest of it goes similarly: get a mii with a shirt color that I need, plant a bunch of stuff, grow it all, repeat.

This mess of PHP and MySQL is just to keep track of it all so I can stay headed in the right direction.  For one thing, the statistics I can pull out of the database give me a much better idea of what I have remaining than flipping through the journal does.  My original strategy of buying seeds from Poppy's Seeds, growing them, and then recursing through all the seeds that resulted in new colors got me a fair amount of progress before it suddenly stopped producing seeds that gave new colors.  Growing strictly by color is my new strategy that I'm taking to the end.

In Find Mii 2 news, I got the last hat, so now I have all the hats.  I also beat it for the tenth time, so I'm completely done with it.  In Find Mii 1 news, I'm following a guide I found on GameFAQs for getting the "Clear Find Mii in under 30 Miis" accomplishment.  It's going exactly to plan thus far, so we'll see how things go when all I have to do is hire random level 7s and spam attacks.  Because, you know, the whole "chance to miss" thing.

So now the number of games I need to play with each group of HomePasses is down to just one: Flower Town.  You can add a new Puzzle Swap panel anytime, Nintendo.  Or how about more StreetPass games, plaza tickets, and hats, so I can re-open the Exchange Booth?  It'd be neat to see a StreetPass racing game.  Just saying.

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