Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small Break from HomePassing

I'm at the point where I have relatively little to do in the StreetPass games.  I've got one hat left in Find Mii 2 Secret Quest, and I'm working towards growing all breeds in all possible colors (which I refer to as breed-colors) in Flower Town.

With the former, I have an image guide that serves as a checklist, that I've loaded into Photoshop with a ton of layers that I can enable to check off individual things and easily track my progress.  Once I'm done, I'll see about uploading my Photoshop files somewhere.  However, with the latter, the game's best way of letting you gauge progress is flipping through the journal, which doesn't really provide me with the information I need to see what my next priority is.

I've been doing well with the strategy of just growing random plants and saving seeds that'll get me new colors, but it's reached a breakpoint where the returns are diminishing rapidly.  From here on out, I'll need to have Miis with specific shirt colors to plant seeds with.

That's why I'm taking a bit of a break from HomePassing.  During the break, I'm working on a small PHP/MySQL application to help me track which breeds I've grown in which colors.  With a database employed, it'll be really easy to write up a few queries for different reports on my progress, for instance, so I can find out how many brown breed-colors I have left so I can plant them all the next time I get a brown Mii.  Because brown is the rarest Mii color, and anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

I got kinda sidetracked with the idea of adding user accounts and making it multi-user in case I ever wanted to make it internet-facing, but I'm going to back out from doing that, erase all that lovely login code I wrote, and just stick to HTTP authentication.  It's far simpler, and I don't need the system to be multi-user anyway.

I consider the hard part to be done already.  I went through the Flowers/Items list FAQ on GameFAQs and entered all the breed color information using a form I wrote for the purpose.  One thing that made it a bit harder: I decided to order the colors going counter-clockwise around the wheel because of the nice gradient from white to pink.  The FAQ ordered them going clockwise.  However, being a database, I ran a few queries and am fairly certain I don't have any errantly-flagged breed-colors anywhere.  Or at least, if I do, I have a complimentary error elsewhere that offsets it, and the likelihood of that is fairly low.

It's definitely an uncommon thing to do, making an entire database and set of PHP scripts just to track progress in a game that's designed to be played in short sittings, but... that's how I roll.  This gold watering can is gonna be mine.

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