Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 8

In this session, I started Ghost Ship Extreme.  While working my way through it, I'm also filling in the remaining entries in the Hunter Record.  Ghost Ship Extreme, in case you haven't read any of my other posts about Rogue Galaxy, is a randomly generated 100 level dungeon, filled with enemies designed for the post-game.  Part of my previous post-game sessions, getting everyone's max weapons, got me as prepared as I could possibly be for it.

Session 7 led more or less directly into this one, as the final bit of it, checking Ghost Ship, didn't take very long and resulted in zero missed chests, so I just kept on playing.

Before I started on Ghost Ship Extreme proper, I swung by Zerard and grabbed my Insectron license and the second trap and rearing cage.  Just so I wouldn't have to think about it later.

Once inside Ghost Ship Extreme, the first thing I did was make a list of the cutoff points for certain enemies, based on the information in the Enemy Location FAQ on GameFAQs.  Since it's my intention to finish off Hunter Record while progressing through Ghost Ship Extreme, it helps to know "oh I shouldn't go to the next floor yet".

I noticed pretty much right away that there were fake level exits with purple lights, in addition to the correct level exit that had red lights.  So just because you see that level exit icon on the map doesn't necessarily mean that's the actual exit.

So far I've noticed that the floors of GSE are relatively small.  So the challenge isn't really in the length of each floor, but rather the number of them and the enemies you encounter on each.

Every tenth floor is a boss fight, with what seems to be a guaranteed save point before and after.  I haven't yet found any shops, but so far I've been getting enough restorative items from enemies that they haven't been necessary.

My original intention was to get to floor 34 and call it quits there, but I'm still recovering from MAGFest and really needed the sleep, so I saved and exited after having fully explored the 24th floor and having completed the hunter record for floors 1-30.


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