Friday, January 11, 2013

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 10

After getting to the 60th floor last night, I decided to start in on the final 40 floors.  It went fairly smoothly up to and including the 70th floor boss, who had to be hit with a charge attack before he could take damage, but then one use of Drunken Burst and a couple uses of Illusion Sword later, among some other things, he bit the dust.

Then I decided to go out and grab a frozen pizza for lunch, as well as spending leftover money after that on alcohol.  This was a solid decision.  Note that I didn't actually consume the alcohol while eating the pizza.  I'm not about to waste an entire $13 bottle of Kahlua on one meal.

The last 40 floors were pretty much as uneventful as the first 60.  The only real noteworthy thing is that Jaster reached level 99 on the 98th floor.  However, I did have to run in circles to force the random encounters to give me what I needed on the 99th floor so I could complete Hunter Record.

The last boss is named "Doppelganger" and he wasn't really all that difficult.  He has a stance where he spins his sword around and doesn't take any damage, but the AI is actually smart enough to know not to attack during this, so it just becomes "okay, heal up and wait for him to be vulnerable again".  My strategy consisted of having Jaster use Illusion Sword, Kisala use Dagger Slash, and Zegram use Twin Sword, and just keep refreshing them until he died.  I chose Illusion Sword over Flash Sword so I could keep my distance with Jaster in case anything stupid happened and everyone up close and personal died.

The reward for completing Ghost Ship Extreme is Kisala's Swimsuit (her best costume stat-wise, since they do have minor defense value differences), the Beach Sandals (basically, matching max power footwear), and the Royal Fruit, which is used to catch the best insector in the game.

Then, I had Kisala put on her swimsuit (and sandals), and jetted to Zerard where I turned in the complete Hunter Record and got another costume for Kisala, Arina's Sleeve.  It comes with matching boots that are crap stat-wise (Aura Shoes).

Next up, the important thing: getting the Beach Sandals to MASTERED so I can actually make full use of them.  Unfortunately, the game prevents us from doing it the easy way, by feeding them to Toady along with Excelion Shards to raise all their elemental stats by 5 per shard.  The only other way is to fight battles with them equipped and get one point in a random stat per battle.  Which would take several hundred battles.  Which, technically, I could do by clearing my inventory of certain items, rubber banding the analog sticks together, and letting it go on Rosa while I do something else for a few hours.  I guess I could do that.  We'll see.

Regardless, just for the lulz, I got the Aura Shoes that came with the Arina's Sleeve costume up to MASTERED.  Not that I'll ever use them.

One final bit of business: catching the insector that I got the bait for.  Luckily that's not too difficult, I think it's even a guaranteed catch since you have to go through such effort to get the bait.  Still, I used Insector Trap 2 because it said it had a better chance of catching ground-crawling Insectors.  Toss the Royal Fruit in there, go to Mariglenn, teleport to the Gulza Sanctuary Plaza, and plunk that sucker down.  Then you wait.  Wait until you hear a noise and the trap starts flashing.  Open it up and it should be a Dark Emperor, guaranteed.

After that, I went to Juraika and caught a couple random insectors just for the express purpose of playing around with breeding them.  Since information on Insectron is so spotty on the internet, I'm just going to have to figure out most of it myself.  I want to put together a balanced team to properly support my Dark Emperor, and for that I need healers...

Anyway, ending this post here.

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