Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Katawa Crash

Hey, a post that's not about Rogue Galaxy.  A post that explains why I haven't really been playing any Rogue Galaxy at all, and have had trouble doing my post-MAGFest YouTube catch-up.

It's because of the game Katawa Crash.

Katawa Crash is a Flash game based on an old classic called Nanaca Crash, but using characters from the 4chan-made visual novel Katawa Shoujo.  It basically extends on the format of Nanaca Crash, adding a bunch more characters and a wide variety of things that can happen.  For instance, you can score a touchdown, or trigger multiball.  Those are just two of the crazy things that can happen.

Gameplay is fairly simple.  When you start, you have to launch the Katawa Shoujo main character, Hisao.  Click and hold to set the angle, then release to set the velocity, then your round of time-wasting craziness begins.  While it's going, there are two things you can do to alter Hisao's trajectory, to either avoid people whose effects you don't want or to attempt to hit someone with a good effect.  These two abilities were also present in Nanaca Crash, with pretty much identical functionality.

The game has a variety of achievements, tiered into three tiers and labelled with different colored hearts.  The three teirs' colors are grey, yellow, and blue, with blue being secret achievements.  For the most part, you can figure out what to do to get the secret achievements based on their name, but some are intended as surprises and are of the type that will just happen to you eventually, given enough playtime.

There's not really much more I can say about the game without turning this review into a tutorial.  It's fun, and you'll lose a lot of hours to it seeing how far you can make Hisao go before he comes to a stop.

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