Tuesday, November 22, 2011

yeah, yeah...

If you don't run an ad blocker you may notice (up to three) ads between my blog posts now.  A while back YouTube offered me the ability to monetize my videos (all three of them...), and I figured what the hell, sign up.  I still have to manually enable revenue sharing per-video and they have to review it before it gets enabled, but whatever.  Anyway, with that having gone through, I got an AdSense account that I could link this blog to.  So I did that.

That's the entire story.

Still feels kind of weird running ads even though I'm so vocal about using ad blockers.  I doubt I'll get much money from them, but you never know...

Edit: I did some customizing so that they look better.  As you can tell by looking at them, they're now centered within this column and have a border below as well as above.

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