Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giant Foods Free Sandwich Coupons

So for quite a while now I've been getting the deli sandwiches from Giant.  They have this deal where if you buy six of them with your bonuscard, you get a coupon for a free sandwich.  I typically make the free sandwich one of the more expensive ones just to save money, and this has worked up until today.

Today, suddenly, without warning or notice, there's now a price restriction on the sandwich that you can get for free.  This restriction isn't listed on the coupon, or anywhere else.  In fact, the only restrictions listed are "Participating stores only, limit one per transaction", which I happen to be totally fine with because both stores around here participate and I only ever spend one coupon at a time anyway.

But to suddenly say "these coupons only work on the cheapest sandwiches" when they've been working on the more expensive ones all this time feels like a massive bait and switch to me.

I will reiterate.  All the coupon says is "This coupon is good for one free sandwich on your next visit. Participating stores only, limit one per transaction".  It doesn't mention anything about a maximum price threshhold.  At all.  Which is why I feel justified in complaining about there suddenly being a maximum price threshhold.

Stop your shenanigans, Giant.  Either make this price restriction publically known, or remove it.  As it is currently where it just "exists" but isn't listed anywhere isn't fair to the customers that are trying to redeem the coupon.

It did kind of work out.  They wouldn't give me the sandwich I'd picked for free and honor the terms printed on the coupon, but they did take the "maximum sandwich price" off the cost of the sandwich.  That doesn't make the lack of notice of a maximum price forgivable, though.  In fact, it just might make me stop buying the sandwiches altogether.

On a side note, the coupons don't actually say "limit one per transaction".  They say "limit one peoooransaction".  Somebody failed somewhere, hard.

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