Friday, November 11, 2011

Backlog almost gone!

So, rather than pointlessly marathonning early seasons of The Simpsons, I decided to buckle down and work through this shit.

Since the last post I've watched everything on my backlog except the Gundam 00 movie.  Yes, including Tsukihime.  Since I'm curious why the internet collectively denies the existence of this anime, I think I might just track down the visual novel.  To me, who hasn't experienced the actual story, it seems like a case of "it's a semi-decent story on its own, but given the name it carries it delivered less than was expected of it" or something to that degree.  We'll see, I guess.

I remuxed Ghost Stories to turn on the dubtitles by default.  For the uninitiated, when ADV dubbed Ghost Stories (original name: Gakkou no Kaidan), they basically threw out anything that wasn't the bare shell of the plot and just had fun with the rest.  The English language dub is therefore quite hilarious.  The dubtitles add a bit, as they captioned some sound effects in creative ways, like "[Leo screaming like a little girl]" or "[Keiichirou sob™]".

Later on they start throwing in foreign languages.  There's a bit that's entirely in Spanish, they bring some Japanese in (as in, the English VAs are speaking Japanese), and there's one scene where Satsuki and her dad are speaking in Pig Latin.  There are many third (fourth?) wall breaking moments, and they point out when the anime rips off various classic horror movies (like The Ring, about four times).  I highly recommend watching it dubbed, and the dubtitles help for verifying that they really just said that.

The only series on the list that I didn't watch was Sekirei.  I instead deleted it.  From both my hard drive and my MAL anime list.  It had potential, but squandered it in favor of ecchi fanservice, then rushed a plot in the last few episodes, didn't conclude it, and ended with a "to be continued".  Then they made us wait two years for more, only to go back to the ecchi fanservice.  I no longer have any desire to watch the series.

I went into Asobi ni Iku Yo! knowing very little about the series.  All I knew was that it was something about catgirls and probably had some fanservice.  Well, I was right on both counts, and it was a pretty decent series overall.

I'll get all this into my MAL account eventually, I've been focusing more on getting through the backlog as well as not falling behind on current stuff.

I'm intentionally leaving out the re-watch list for now, as it's less important.  My first priority is making sure that I've watched all the anime I have on my hard drive.

Also, since CAINE's showings wrapped up all three series for this semester, I got to give Seto no Hanayome the treatment it deserved.  I marked it on MAL as Dropped at 26 of 26.  I'll be using the Dropped section for stuff that really isn't worth watching that for whatever reason I've watched.

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