Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sakura Matsuri checklist

I don't know exactly why I'm posting this on the internet, but whatever.  The following is a list of things I don't want to forget to take with me when CAINE goes up to DC in a couple weeks.  I'll strikethrough things as I get them together.
  • Backpack (will predictably contain some of the other items on this list)
  • Chex Mix
  • bottled water (since everything in the realm of liquid refreshments is grossly overpriced)
  • energy drink (for the drive home)
  • light overshirt in case it gets warm
  • jacket because it's usually cold and windy
  • sunscreen (I'll quote myself: "sun + weeaboos = sunburned weeaboos")
  • a hat (to help repel the evil sun)
  • my phone, preferably fully charged
  • money:
    • $10 - because I forget how much the day-long metro pass is
    • $5 - admission
    • $5 - 3 taiyaki
    • $? - okonomiyaki
    • $? - takoyaki
    • $? - dinner afterwards
    • $? - in case I actually see something I want to buy that isn't food or a necessity
  • bug people for gas money, since I WILL have to refill before and after the trip and I'm not going to be a softie about this anymore because gas is fucking expensive these days
    • make it clear that paying for gas for my car is a donation that will not be repaid
      • my exact words will be: "Pay me for gas.  Or buy it at the pump.  One or the other."

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