Saturday, March 12, 2011

oh lol

I remembered that Wolfenstein 3D for the SNES supported the SNES mouse, so I fired that sucker up in ZSNES.  Turned out I already had a save state most of the way through the game.  The fun thing about it supporting the SNES mouse is, you can set your emulator's controls to standard FPS controls and then it's just like playing a really (really) pixellated FPS with grey "dogs" and no blood or Nazi armbands or German speech.

Yeah, the SNES version was a bastardization of it, but it's still an FPS, and it's still fun.

So basically if you set up your emulator like this:
  • Enable SNES mouse on port 2.  Mouse controls, just FYI:
    • Left click shoots
    • Right click moves forwards
    • Mouse X-axis turns
    • Mouse Y-axis moves forwards/backwards
  • Up: W (move forwards, scroll map up)
  • Down: S (move backwards, scroll map down)
  • L: A (strafe left)
  • R: D (strafe right)
  • A: Either E or Spacebar (opens doors, hits end-of-level levers)
  • Select: Left Ctrl (change weapons)
  • Start: Tab (bring up map)
  • Left: Z (turn left, scroll map left)
  • Right: X (turn right, scroll map right)
Then you'll have access to all the game's controls and can play it like a regular FPS.  Technically the game also uses the B button, but that's just another fire button.  The only thing weird about the controls is the mouse Y-axis moving you forwards and backwards.  I tried to use X-Mouse Button Control's axis-locking features to get around this, but even though I set a key for the toggle, it doesn't seem to lock the Y-axis when I press it.

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