Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elementals Get.

After spending a few hours farming to get the last Unicorn Helm and three Gauntlets (which really did take forever), I beat the crap out of the boss in the Palace of Darkness.  Seriously.  Its element is Undine (water), so I whipped out Salamando (fire) and beat it in the face with chain-casts of Exploder and Fire Bouquet.

From that, you get the Shade elemental (Dark magic), but only for the sprite.  After a little talking to NPCs you work your way to the Gold Isle where there's a tower containing Lumina (Light magic) that you can grab for the girl.

Also in that one tiny tower there's four weapon orbs.  FOUR FUCKING WEAPON ORBS.

Upgraded my helms and body armor, but thanks to the really high armor value on the gauntlets, I won't need to replace them anytime soon.

So next post will be about grinding.  Not that I didn't do my fair share of grinding in this session.  The sprite has all its elementals at 5, and the girl has everything but Lumina at 5, and Lumina is at 1.  I'll work my way through everything else next time, including the metric fuckton of weapons I have to level up.  At this point, it's everything but the sword (and the whip, which is already at level 6) that needs grinding.

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