Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Food?

There's some food posts that I could make, but I don't really know if I want to.  The stuff I've been having lately is a little less on the convenience side, and that's generally the point of view I write from.

I mean, it's still easy to make this stuff.  All it really involves is boiling some water.  However, one factor to consider for convenience is how much shit you have to wash when you're done, and when you have to boil stuff and then drain the water, the number of things you need to wash generally goes up.  It's almost at the point where I'm saying to myself, "you know, I really like these things, but eating them means having to wash the pot, the strainer, the long-handled spoon I stirred it with, the spoon rest, the plate, and the dish I use to hold dipping sauce..."

Which is a shame in a way because if you limit yourself to just the things you can put into an oven, set the timer, and take out when it beeps, you end up limiting yourself to a very small number of products with a very small amount of variety to them.  The stuff I'm considering posting about now technically has microwave directions, but they turn out horribly that way.  So horribly that it's not worth having the directions on the package.

So, I dunno.  I might post about them, I might not.  This is either a really bad teaser post, or the most justified post ever in the history of the internet.

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