Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trackball Software

So apparently I've been incorrect about this for a while now.  Kensington has indeed released proper configuration software for their trackballs for Windows 7, to allow remapping the buttons and so forth.  The only problem: Nowhere in the list of features do I see the ability to define program-specific settings, something I use the hell out of with X-Mouse Button Control.

In my setup, I have a left/middle/right click, and the fourth button is double click.  However, in Steam, it's set to send my push-to-talk keystroke (which I put out of the way so it couldn't possibly conflict with any game's default controls: 9 on the number pad) while held.

As it looks like there isn't a way to do this with the newer software (it's no longer called MouseWorks, it's now more accurately called TrackballWorks), I'll stick with X-Mouse.

I am thinking of getting a new trackball though.  It's nowhere near urgent as my current one is still perfectly functional, but the rubber ridges on the scroll ring have completely worn off over the years.  I'd just buy the same model again anyway, because it's a fucking awesome trackball.

If anyone who's reading this is looking for a trackball, this one comes with my personal recommendation as I've used it for many years now.  Just one thing: Don't bother with installing Kensington's software.  Just use X-Mouse Button Control instead.

Also, I updated X-Mouse Button Control to version 1.53, and the much-awaited scrolling config stuff is in, along with axis-locking, which I know I'll get some use out of in Photoshop.  Sadly, it doesn't seem like I can use the scrolling config stuff to force mousewheel support in Windows 3.1 (not that it's really crucial).  Also added is update notification, which I left enabled because I keep missing updates since I don't periodically scout the internet for them.

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