Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another One Of These Posts

It's time for another "random stuff" post.

I've had Failblog in my Google Reader for a while now, but various things they put up are starting to annoy me.  Most of it is fine, but a decent percentage of their images are either taken wildly out of context or look like they were set up by whoever took the picture.  The videos are fun when they're not people critically injuring themselves.  Some of them I skip just based on the name alone.  "Oh, that one's going to be someone almost breaking their neck, I'll pass."

So the channel retard in #magfest found my MAGFest 9 blog post and decided to inform the head chef about my rant on the food delays.  I don't fault the chefs, I'm sure there were reasons for the delays, but still... when you're forced to wait two hours past a scheduled mealtime for a meal with undercooked/raw potatoes, you begin to wonder what exactly happened.  As for the bread pudding, which I described as something along the lines of "failed pancakes", I honestly had forgotten what it was supposed to be and was just going off of the appearance.  It really did look like pancakes that had been shredded or scrambled.  I do like to rant about food, I dunno.  Maybe I got a little carried away, but I felt that if the meal took longer to prepare that there should be something more to it than a small styrofoam bowl with food in it and some condiments.  You can trivialize my argument any number of ways, but...

I think my computer is once again trying to commit suicide.  One of my case fans has stopped spinning, and every now and then my screen blanks briefly.  Even without actually running a game.

Minecraft's 1.3 update came out recently and added some more stuff, the better of which are a new save format that takes way less time to load, a smooth lighting engine that I turned off, craftable beds that you can sleep in at night to set the time to the morning, and more half-steps made from various different blocks like wood, cobblestone, and sandstone.  Also inevitable are the bugs.  There's one that happens unpredictably where the Minecraft window goes black and it stops responding.  I'm hoping that Notch will fix that in 1.3_02 or something.

Lately friends and I have been getting McGangbangs from McDonald's.  It's not an actual menu item, and most stores probably won't know it by name, but it's pretty simple.  Get a McDouble and a McChicken ($2 total, before tax).  Separate the patties of the McDouble (will be difficult, if it's made correctly there's cheese melted between them), and place the entire McChicken, including the bun, between the patties of the McDouble.  Then eat.

Now if you'll excuse me, all this talk about food has gotten me hungry.

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