Thursday, February 18, 2010

GH/RB check-in

If you haven't already seen it, I now have a Blogger page specifically for summarizing my progress/accomplishments. The contents of this post are things I consider to be too specific to include there.

Things I've done recently (as in, January/February 2010) in Guitar Hero: (unless otherwise specified: difficulty = Expert, instrument = Guitar)

Rock You Like A Hurricane - Intro FC (completely randomly, too)
Impulse - Successfully tapped the Funkiest Riff In History zigzag and went back to strumming immediately after without breaking combo
Mississippi Queen - FC (128,989)
The Way It Ends - New personal best: 298,676 (should have been higher, I didn't get my usual last activation), hit the first burst SP phrase despite not actually burst strumming (these two accomplishments were in two separate runs)
Knights of Cydonia - New personal best: 408,401 (almost FCed Ammending Chorus->end, messed up in A Free Man's Laurels)
Raining Blood - Made it past Mosh 1 only to fail soon thereafter

Hot For Teacher - passed (If you can pass the intro, you can pass the song)
Satch Boogie - passed (Solo F is just a matter of finger speed and your ability to keep playing a pattern that goes on for five years)
Everlong - FC (466,408)

Career Mode - Finally finished playing through career mode. Ended up with 251 of 260 possible stars. Four of the nine missing stars are due to two songs I could only 3-star and the other five are 4-starred songs.  One of the 3-starred songs I've 4-starred in Quickplay, so...  yeah.

More Than A Feeling - FC (303,827)

GHSH: (instrument = Bass)
Hey You - ReFC, upping my PS2 1st place by almost 250 points (woohoo?), moved up from overall 21st to overall 18th. Maybe it's time I looked at some SP paths for this song. ScoreHero needs more PS2 players with overall first place on a song...
Full Game 5 Star - hell fucking yeah, and this actually means something with complex bass parts like YYZ's, which is just as hard as the guitar part (because Rush's bassist actually plays the instrument instead of just strumming one note twice per beat and changing notes every few measures)

Orange Crush - FC (86,481)
When You Were Young - FC (125,406) (I now have this FC'd in both GH3 and RB1, lol)

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