Friday, February 19, 2010

Change (it's good, right?)

I've decided that this blog should be more for structured, planned out posts rather than just random bullshit. But since I like posting random bullshit, I've made a separate blog for it. You'll see it over in the "blogroll or something", oddly enough it's called "Random Bullshit". It has a link back here. And lol @ Facebook, I just import this blog there so I appear to be more active than I really am.

Most of the Guitar Hero and other gaming updates (except for Chrono Fever and Classic DOS Games updates) are going to be posted there from now on.

The big difference between here and there is that here I only really like to post once a day at the most, which gives me time to put my thought into each article. Random Bullshit is just that, random bullshit; and as such there can (and already have been) several posts in one day.

I also dicked around with the theme of Random Bullshit a bit, just to change it up and break away from my rut of "black background, light grey/white text, red accents". While I like black/red color schemes and that probably won't change, Different is Good™. (That's the motto of WCNR 106.1 The Corner, the best radio station in Charlottesville)

What this means is fewer rants and random posts here. I'll still post structured ones here, but if something's just pissing me off (or otherwise on my mind), you can read all about it on Random Bullshit.

Maybe I'll actually play Chrono Trigger sometime in the near future. I fired it up to take pictures of my characters/game time, but that's all I've done. Maybe it's because there's more grinding ahead, I dunno...

Also, posts on Random Bullshit don't have tags. The blog title is the tag that all of those posts would have anyway.