Monday, February 15, 2010

For Future Reference

For whatever reason I don't want to play any more Chrono Trigger without at least documenting the amount of game time it took me to get everyone to Level **.  So here are pics.  Therefore it happened.

I've got a rather in-depth post queued up about how exactly I went about doing this, and how I made all the boss fights really fucking easy.  Here's a hint: I'm not on New Game + yet.

This is the first barrier to being able to get all the endings. The other (comparitively minor) barrier is maxing out everyone's Power, Magic, and Speed.

The last good portion of this post is about Blogger.

The issues I was having with Blogger's new post editor (regarding input lag at least) are gone entirely.  I dunno if my computer was loaded down (Firefox likes to randomly use 100% CPU after a while) or what, but the editor's working perfectly fine now.  It also autosaves a lot faster after I stop typing than the older editor did, which is really nice.

Blogger also now has "pages", which are basically custom static pages.  I get 10 of them, I've used two so far.

The one thing I don't get: Why doesn't the post editor use the same font that my blog's theme uses?  Wouldn't that make the WYSIWYG view actually live up to its namesake?

Some other posts that I'll be posting in the near future:
  • Maybe something about Guitar Hero, though I've got a Blogger page for summary stuff now.
  • A post about Vib Ribbon (Japanese music game with infinite levels — literally)
  • Recent CAINE shenanigans (there's always something fun)
  • Another recent anime post (hints: Railgun, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu)
  • Another wallpaper update, maybe (I'm getting tired of managing my Picasa account, and constructing the updates has always been a chore)
  • If I can get the game working again, A Classic DOS Games post about The 11th Hour