Saturday, October 31, 2015

This has always annoyed me

I can't speak for Windows 8 or 10, the more cancerous releases of Windows, but this definitely applies to all versions of Windows that support USB up to and including Windows 7.

When you get a new USB device and plug it in, get it installed, and use it for a while, it feels like everything's perfect.  But then, one day, you move your computer and have to unplug and re-plug everything.  Suddenly, it's installing all your USB devices again.  What the...

Yeah.  Windows installs USB devices per USB port, which makes no fucking sense.  So basically, every time you get a new USB device, to eliminate headache later, you have to unplug absofuckinglutely everything, and then plug the new device into every USB port, one by one.  With some devices, you'll also need to reconfigure them per port, which is even more retarded.

Why is it that whatever identifier Windows keeps for the USB device itself includes an identifier for the port it's plugged into?  It would be so much more intuitive if it didn't...

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