Sunday, November 8, 2015

Surprise! You're going to Nekocon!

So, around 11 PM on Thursday evening, I was informed that I was going to Nekocon the following day.  Just got back about a half hour before I started writing this (5:30 PM).  This won't really be my usual style of day-by-day con report.

I stopped liking anime conventions a while back.  In that regard, I think MAGFest has spoiled me.  The atmosphere at your average anime convention doesn't really do anything to encourage people to socialize outside of their groups, whereas MAGFest's atmosphere promotes it.  Cosplay picture-taking doesn't really count towards foreign social interaction.  I've been to a few panels at anime conventions and I've never really found any I actually liked.  This means the vast majority of my time at an anime convention is spent doing one of three things:
  1. Playing games in the game room
  2. Browsing the dealers' room
  3. Walking around the con floor
Game rooms at anime conventions are always lackluster.  They just drop about ten or twenty consoles in there with some games, and maybe have some arcade games or something.  The game selection is terrible and doesn't really change much, if at all, throughout the weekend.  Dealers' rooms are pretty much about the same wherever you go, it's just stuff to buy and you look around and see if anything strikes your fancy.  Not too much to say there.  Same goes for walking around the con floor to be honest, it's just a crowd of people, some of whom are in costume.

There are only two real things of note. The first is that it rained for a while on Saturday, which resulted in me having to spend a few hours in the hotel room drying off clothing while drinking Jack and Coke and trying to use the shitty hotel internet to watch YouTube videos.  The second is that, while perusing the dealers' room on Sunday, as one does for the best deals since the dealers don't want to take all that crap back with them, I found a Super Famicom cartridge of Chrono Trigger for $30.  I was worried when I saw that the price tag had been stuck on the cartridge label, but thankfully it came off cleanly and I moved it to the plastic (where it doesn't actually stick that well).  Because pics or it didn't happen, here's a potato-quality picture from my phone.

I'm not even kidding, when I saw that I was skeptical that $30 could possibly be the real price, so much so that I asked the guy at the booth just to make sure.  A quick look reveals that the $29.99 price tag is actually stuck on top of another price tag, this other price tag said $39.99.  So it would've been rather inexpensive anyway.  After eating dinner, I set out to remove the plastic tabs from my SNES so I could actually play the game, and a victory was had.

I wonder how long that save battery's good for...

Also, anyone who pronounces Marle's name as "mar-lee" is WRONG.  Her name is マール, which romanizes to Māru, meaning the correct pronunciation is "marl".  End of discussion.

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