Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ridge Racer 3D StreetPass Bonus Points Duplication

You know those 2000 points you get per Ridge Racer 3D StreetPass, regardless of whether the StreetPass actually contains a duel for you to race against?  Well, you can get that reward multiple times with the same set of StreetPasses.  Here's how.
  1. After getting some Ridge Racer 3D StreetPasses, start up the game.
  2. Go to Single Player and select StreetPass Duel, collect your rewards points.
  3. Once the duel menu loads, press the power button and turn off your 3DS.  It's important that you don't go into any other menu before doing this.  Don't even select a duel to race against.
  4. Turn your 3DS back on and start the game again.
  5. Go into StreetPass Duel, and you'll get the rewards points again.
  6. Lather, rinse, repeat from step 3.
If you'd like to check your points while doing this, then you need to have something unpurchased in the garage.  Immediately upon starting up the game, go to the garage and select anything that you haven't purchased, and you'll see how many points you have.  Once you go into StreetPass Duel and get the points, don't press anything other than the power button.

How did I discover this?  Well, I actually discovered it while attempting to duplicate the duel data itself, which was also a success.  That process is a bit more involved and requires copying data around on your SD card, so I figured I'd get the simpler, more quickly repeatable one up here first.  Stay tuned for duel duplication, though!

Edit (2015-10-26): After doing some homepassing and duplication of the full complement of 16000 points, I think I have a good understanding of what's going on here.  Basically, when the game checks your StreetPasses, and gives you the bonus points, it hasn't yet removed those StreetPasses from its queue, but it leaves you at a point where it's safe to power off your 3DS.  You can verify this by going to Notifications after power-cycling your 3DS.  You'll see that your Ridge Racer 3D StreetPasses are still there.

Double Edit (2015-10-26): It looks like this is a bug in the game that's specific to the StreetPass Duel menu.  I just tried to use the Grand Prix menu to do the duplication, since it will check the StreetPasses, and also tells you how many points you have, both before and after the StreetPass bonus points get applied.  However, the StreetPasses are gone from Notifications after using the Grand Prix menu to get the points, so it won't work there.

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