Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MAGFest 13 StreetPass Accomplishments

So I got a few of these at MAGFest, and they didn't make it into the post about MAGFest itself.  My mind is pretty much always jumbled up like that, so we end up with strings of posts like this.

  • I got up to a 3000 plaza population, and discovered that it stops counting at that point, opting instead to just show a + next to it.
  • I also got over 5000 StreetPass tags.
  • The last one, and perhaps the most perplexing, is that I got the one for getting ten special Miis.  I didn't have my 3DS connected to the internet at all the entire weekend, so my only guess is that somehow I got the mii through StreetPass.  It was Kyle, if anyone's keeping track.
So, what am I missing?  Well, let's see.  There are a ton of accomplishments for getting certain numbers of StreetPass tags.  The text is hidden just to be annoying, but I believe they go all the way up to 90,000.  That still leaves 10 slots unaccounted for before reaching the one for a plaza population of 10.  GameFAQs even has a nice unexplained gap there (look at the accomplishment numbers).

Anywho, other than that, I'm missing the one for getting someone from every region of my country (and I can't believe I didn't get anyone from Mississippi while I was at MAGFest), and the one for 1000 fantastics.

Getting the tags and fantastics just takes time, so really the only significant barrier to finishing this off is getting frigging Mississippi.  Figuring out those 10 remaining ones will be interesting, but to be honest, they're probably just more StreetPass tag milestones and nobody's reached them to unlock them yet and then contribute the text to GameFAQs through their rather clunky contribution system.

Anyone know the SSID+MAC of any Nintendo Zones in Mississippi?  I only need to hit it once...

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