Friday, January 9, 2015

Chrono Trigger DS: Dimensional Vortex Stat Maxing

The final battle of each Dimensional Vortex raises select stats for the character that's required to be in the party for the battle.  Some of them are raised pointlessly because that character maxes that stat through levelling, but for the rest, if you have the patience to repeatedly do New Game + runs to the point where you get the upgraded Epoch, you can get the stat boost over and over.

Time PeriodCharacterStats raised (+Amount)
12,000 BCMarleSpeed (+2)
Hit (+5)
Stamina (+5)
1,000 ADCronoSpeed (+1)
Strength (+5)
Hit (+5)
2,300 ADLuccaSpeed (+3)
Magic (+5)
Stamina (+5)

As you can see, Crono's Strength and Lucca's Magic are pointlessly raised.  Kind of sad that the only character to get full benefit is Marle, but it's interesting in that her Hit stat controls her damage output.  I'm nowhere near max on it yet, so it'll be interesting to see if the Venus Bow continues to be her best option once it's maxed.

Speed is also a pretty pointless stat for it to grant, since Speed Tabs are very common.  A run through Black Omen, charming all the Panels, and getting all the chests, produces at least 15.  I know, I know, not everyone plays the game like I do, so I guess the speed boosts are fine, but...  they coulda put that in Evade or something. *grumble*

I've updated the progress box thingy on the right to include the meaningful stat levels that benefit from this.  For the spots where it says "N/A", it's because that character doesn't get a boost to that stat.  I also omitted stats maxed either through levelling, or tabs.

Overall, it's neat, and I will be farming the stat boosts, but they could have given better bonuses for Crono and Lucca.

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