Saturday, September 6, 2014

StreetPass Games Revisited: Monster Manor

I have seven plaza tickets remaining.  The ones I have left are for clearing the 30th floor, teaming up 10 times, solving all the puzzle boxes, collecting all the weapons, finding a second plaza ticket in a silver chest, finding a plaza ticket in a gold chest, and then finding a second plaza ticket in a gold chest.

Just going to throw it out there: this is the only game I haven't yet beaten.

This game is much slower-paced than the others, due to you having to find the stairs on each floor and the randomness of the pieces and colors you receive.  The best strategy for getting good loot actually involves building giant single-color rooms and dismissing Miis of any other color.  Your weapons all belong to one of five elements, and enemies have weaknesses to those elements, but it doesn't seem like playing the weakness game is really worth it.  Just take all the weapons you get and boost a single weapon into an uber weapon.

If you're doing the "build giant rooms" strategy, dismiss the Miis of other colors before placing the pieces of your chosen color.  That way you can get the puzzle boxes and items from the other Miis, and still take advantage of team-ups if you don't want puzzle boxes.  This strategy is a lot slower, but gets you a chance at the plaza tickets as well as some really good loot.  I recommend doing it at the very least until you have the plaza tickets from chests and a decent weapon (one that can become rank S, with a decent ability).  Also, whenever you find the stairs, go up them and open the next floor.  Always.

If you want the plaza tickets from silver chests and gold chests, you'll have to build giant single-color rooms.  It's the only way to get those chests to appear.

Streetpassing other Monster Manor owners will let you team up with them to fight the things you encounter, or if you select "Get Item", you'll get an item that they have or a puzzle box that they've solved.  In addition, whatever weapon they're using will show up "holstered" on their back.  If you solve the puzzle box, you'll get an item, and if you beat the time shown on the puzzle box, you'll get a better item.

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