Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bravely Default Nemesis Strategy: Beelzebub

This is a tentacle monster with a horrible face.  You know how your parents always said "if you keep making that face, it's going to get stuck like that?"  Well, it kept making that face and it got stuck like that.  This is the level 10 version.

Recommended party:
  • As long as you're above level 10, pretty much anything.  It's only got 4000 HP.
Special Moves:
  • If you're lower level, perhaps something to buff your party or debuff it.  It's weak to both lightning and earth.
  • Spam Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga/Zeus' Wrath/Pantheon's Wrath depending on what you have access to.
  • Zeus' Wrath and Pantheon's Wrath will work regardless of your job setup, and two or three Pantheon's Wraths should seal the deal.
  • Heal as necessary

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