Friday, August 15, 2014

Bravely Default: Sending a Super Rejuvenation

I've always sent a healing ability with Bravely Default's friend summon feature.  However, after I got the Salve-Maker with its amazing Healing Lore ability that doubles the effectiveness of HP/MP recovery, I knew I had to try stacking that with the Healing Magic +200% effect conferred by Rejuvenation.  Sure enough, they stack, and I've sent the result.

The setup is simple.  You'll need two party members wielding staves.  One of those two should either be a Salve-Maker or have reached job level 9 in Salve-Maker, so they can have the Healing Lore support ability.  Ideally, the one without Healing Lore should be faster, so that they will take their action before the staff-wielder with Healing Lore, but it doesn't really matter.  Also, for the best effect, you should have HP Recovery Lv. 5, Cure K.O., MP Recovery Lv. 5, and BP Bonus Lv. 2 equipped on Rejuvenation, for the staff-wielder that has Healing Lore.  You'll also need at least one Sleep Point so you can activate Bravely Second.  Now go trigger a random battle.

Now comes the fun part: stalling for time until your staff-wielders both have Rejuvenation ready.  As a reminder, they will both need to heal 10 times to get it ready.  The easiest way to do this is to buy 20 potions.  The rest of your party should use healing items or abilities to keep the party's health up, and remove status conditions that enemies might inflict.  Once both of your staff-wielders have Rejuvenation ready, tell the one without Healing Lore to use Rejuvenation.  Don't send it, just use it.  Default on everyone else.

The first Rejuvenation serves an important purpose: Get that Healing Magic +200% effect on the party.  Now, queue up actions on everyone and hit Go.  As soon as the turn starts, hit Start to activate Bravely Second.  Select your staff-wielder with Healing Lore, and have them send their Rejuvenation.  Bravely Second is important because it allows any action you perform that either raises or lowers health to exceed the cap of 9999.  In my case, I got a nice fat heal of around 15000 on everyone.  Finish the fight and don't forget to select Update Data at a save point to complete sending the heal.

Now, the people receiving this may not see the full 15000 heal, since I believe Healing Magic +200% has to be on the target rather than the caster, but it should still be really powerful, and well worth using in a pinch.

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