Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 11

I know I said I wanted a balanced team for Insectron, but at the same time, I want to see how far I can get by just trying to overwhelm everything.  After much clearing of Ghost Ship Extreme that I didn't count as actual gameplay sessions, I assembled my team of 5 Dark Emperors and set forth.

As it turns out, Insectron is mostly similar to a turn-based strategy game.  Different insectors can move different amounts, and they have a special attack with its own, possibly different range.  Since it's turn-based and you can get stats on anything, even opponents' insectors, you can take your time if need be to plan out each insector's actions on your turn.  Also, when setting up your team before a match, you select a "king" insector, this one has limited movement, and if defeated ends the match.

Matches are basically a game of "advance towards the enemy, weaken their big damage dealers and other insectors that have special abilities you need to worry about, then kill the king".

With a team of 5 Dark Emperors, though, I pretty much steamrolled the first two levels of the tournament, being E rank and D rank.  Each tournament rank has five fights, but your insectors heal between fights, so it makes it really easy to just keep on going.  Also, if you want you can take a break between fights, and this lets you go elsewhere in the game, perhaps to catch another insector or feed your insectors to raise their stats and happiness.

After beating Insectron rank D, you unlock the Insectron mini-game on the main menu.  This is completely separate from the rest of the game and doesn't affect anything in-game, but you can load in teams from your memory card or from an excessively long 118-character case-sensitive alphanumeric password.  Also, when registering your team from your memory card, you can input a "victory code", which is basically a five-character string that anyone who inputs your team's password will see after they beat your team, as a "proof of victory" kind of thing.  In this mode, you can battle against the CPU, or against a second player, and if you're so inclined you can even load in two teams and let the CPU fight itself.  I inputted both passwords off of this page, and proceeded to stomp both teams with my Dark Emperors.  It's a shame that there doesn't appear to be a way to fight using a team you registered with a password, which means unless I catch a bunch of other insectors, I'll only ever get to use my Dark Emperors.

Anyway, at least until later ranks, it looks like Insectron will go by rather quickly.  I still plan to fully level up and stat max my Dark Emperors, but I want to get where the XP is good first.

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