Sunday, March 3, 2013


I won't bore anyone with specifics, but basically the idea I had in my non-ragequit-mode retrospect worked.  I had several attempts that failed for various reasons, and even after fixing what needed fixing I still had trouble.  Until I brought along experience scrolls.  The boosted experience gain helped my heroes work off their death penalty and it made all the difference.  I'd also brought a couple "reset buttons", or Powerstones of Courage, but I didn't need to use them.

There were two spots where I had trouble regardless of anything.  The wave with the Pefected Armor, and the wave with the Perfected Aegis.  The Perfected Armor, who is itself a Jade construct, brings along several Jade construct buddies as well as a group of White Mantle that includes a healer.  Perhaps the most annoying among them is the Jade Cloak, which is an elementalist that can really dish out a lot of damage if left unchecked.

The Perfected Aegis is a Jade Cloak boss.  Who brings five more Jade Cloaks with him.  In a wave that's entirely Jade constructs.  Yeah.  Overkill much, ArenaNet?

Once I made it to the last wave, I beat it no problem.  The hardest wave by far is most definitely the Perfected Aegis wave.

All Kryta zones reverted back to their original spawns, forfuckingfinally.

However, there's still a related quest line.  That also shows rather horrible design.  You're supposed to track down one of the Ebon Vanguard who went missing during the "omg everyone get to Lion's Arch NOW' quest, perhaps better known as the last part of Mustering A Response.  Except you're only given very vague hints on how or where to search for him.  Even once you manage to figure it out (I had to look it up...), the following mini-mission suffers from the same lack of direction.  Other than having an assassin NPC that you're assisting, you really don't know where you're headed.  You have an objective, but it's not marked on your map so you really have no clue where to go.

I want to complete this because you get a hero out of it and this would be the only hero my ranger doesn't have.  Even if I never use the hero I'd still like to have him available.

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