Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Fighter x Mega Man

So, for Mega Man's 25th anniversary, we get a fan-made game.  Oooooooookay.


The music cuts out at random for a few seconds before coming back in.  This continues to happen throughout all of the game that I played.  What I've heard of the music is quite good, though, so it's a shame it's so buggy.


It absolutely will not recognize an Xbox 360 controller.  I can't get mine to work at all.  It also doesn't respond to its keyboard controls, except for Enter (Start), F4 (change screen size), and Escape (Exit).  To even be able to play the game I had to plug my PlayStation 2 controller in via the USB adapter I have that's collecting dust because I got the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows a while back.  Even once you find a controller it will recognize, the default bindings are weird and I had to move them around.


Well, mixed feelings here.  The early Mega Man games are part of what defined "Nintendo Hard".  This game is done in the style of those, so we can expect it to be hard, but...  it just feels brutal.  Two of the stages I played (Chun-Li and Blanka) had infinite spawns of enemies over most of the stage, making it just tedious to have to jump or avoid them the entire way through, because it's not worth your time to kill them since they just keep coming.

The stages themselves are fairly short.  Honestly, I think Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2 (both of which I've beaten) had longer stages.

This game also incorporates the charged Mega Buster from some of the later Mega Man games, whereas I was playing it with the earlier ones that lacked it in mind.  It was a complete fluke that I discovered a mid-level charged shot.  Charged shots help with the crazy amount of health most enemies have, but the charge time hurts a lot.  It almost defeats the point when you have to stop and wait for your next charged shot to charge up before you can keep moving.

Played a little, beaten some bosses, and then have other stuff to do?  Like, you know, hanging out with friends, eating food, sleeping, etc.?  Too bad, there's no save system and no password system.  This hurts the game a lot, especially considering it has a Boss Rush mode that can only be started by beating the game.  If you play this game, you basically can't have a life or do anything else because you have to leave it running all the time since there's no other way to resume where you left off.

Every Mega Man game has its boss order.  You know the deal: beat one boss, get their weapon, and another boss is weak to that weapon.  Coming into the game with no knowledge of this, it's trial and error to figure it out.  However, trying to beat some of the bosses can be very aggrivating as I encountered projectile reflection abilities on two of the bosses.  Despite this, Chun-Li was a fairly easy first boss to kill, so that's one possible entry into the boss order.  Because of the game's shortcomings, though, I haven't yet found the boss that's weak to her weapon (Lightning Kick).  Also because of the game's shortcomings, it's very unlikely that I ever will.


Making a Mega Man game where the bosses are Street Fighter characters seemed like an interesting idea.  It just wasn't done well.  I know, the game's free, but if you subscribe to the "you can't complain about something that's free" rhetoric, well, you're stupid.  Gamers have basic expectations about core game functionality, and when a game fails to provide certain things like a save or password feature, music that doesn't cut out constantly, and working controls, there's something wrong with the game.

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