Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beck completion followup

I can't say much that I haven't already said, so this post will be short.

Somehow they cobbled together a good ending from the mess of fuck they'd written themselves into.  Whatever.

The show itself is pretty terrible, but it does try to highlight that not everything is happy all the time with bands.  I know that people have their differences in pretty much everything.  Rival bands and trying to undercut one another and all that, yeah, it happens.  I like to think that I watch anime to get away from reality, though.  Put in just enough reality to keep the series grounded, keep the rest entertaining, and you've got yourself a good show.

The thing is... I like the music in the show.  Right now the opening song is stuck in my head.  I always air guitarred during showings to one of their songs in particular.  The music alone doesn't keep the series afloat, unfortunately.

In the end, I'll just reiterate that I'll just stick to K-On! from now on.  It's true that nothing bad ever really happens in K-On!, but... they have setbacks, overcome them, there's comedy, and they play music and do fun stuff even when they're not playing music.  That's a formula I can live with.

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