Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 4

I started in on Frog Log right away during this session.  I'd already made nine of Toady's suggestions playing through the game and/or getting ultimate weapons.  My first task was simply to pull all the random trash weapons I have out of item storage, max any that need it, and make any combinations possible.  I figured I'd maybe get three or four combinations out of this and I'd have to run around buying things rather quickly.

It turned out otherwise.  By the end of the session I was up to nearly 30 of Toady's suggestions made, out of the 50 I need to complete Frog Log.  I actually didn't complete maxing and combining my already existing weapons, I still have Lilika, Jupis, and Zegram left.  But the fact that I've gotten as much of it done as I have without ever setting foot into a weapon shop is pleasing.  I don't know how many more I'll be able to make, but surely it'll put me in the mid-upper 30s, if not in the low 40s.  Then I can just buy some random crap swords for Jaster to combine and be done with it.

Another thing I worked on this session was farming the rare items I needed for Revelation Flow.  I have it down to just Jupis needing anything at all, and he simply needs three Galactic Compasses and two Crystal Staffs.  He also needs some random other item that I'll grab once it's the only thing left, and add it to his Revelation Flow while I'm standing in front of the stupid idol girl who gives out the completion rewards.

The last thing I worked on during this session is the thing I've been working on all this time: Hunting Record.  I now have Chapters 1 through 13 and Alistia complete.  Ghost Ship has some stuff done but still needs a fair amount.  I actually stopped doing Hunter Record in an attempt to farm up the last few Revelation Flow items I need, but they're proving to be quite rare and they exist as random drops in Ghost Ship anyway, so I think next session I might just move on to completing the Ghost Ship entries for the Hunting Record.

Given that I've been rather paranoid lately about my save getting corrupted due to my UPS' dead battery (UPS sees power fluctuation that it deems unsafe, tries to go to backup power, backup power is dead, everything connected to the UPS turns off), I've moved operations into another room where there's a fully functional UPS and our 50" plasma TV to play on.  I'm also taking advantage of the TV's picture-in-picture feature to have a newly acquired spare computer running Ubuntu 12.04 at the ready to scroll through guides and stuff.  I'm actually typing this blog post on it, and it's proved quite handy.

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