Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rogue Galaxy Post-Game Session 2

Rather than doing any of Ghost Ship during this session, I spent this session simultaneously working on three things that work together very well:
  • Filling in the Hunter Record
  • Synthesizing special swords and Seven-Star Swords for Jaster (also synthesizing Deego's ultimate weapons)
  • Mastering people's ultimate weapons
All of these work well together because they all involve fighting large numbers of battles.  Because of the hunter record working the way it does, the best way to fill it in is to find a place where the stuff you still need to kill spawns and run in circles, killing everything.  Some enemies are far rarer than others, just to prolong things.

So, the first thing that happened is that I got Deego's ultimate weapons.  His ultimate axe looks awesome, and well worthy of being an ultimate weapon.

After that came synthesizing sword after sword for Jaster.  First up, I finished his penultimate sword, Diabolos.  I can't get his ultimate sword, Dorgencalibur, until after beating Ghost Ship.  Then, I made the ultimate form of the Libra King's Sword, which is called Ruler's Horn.  Switching over to Seven-Star Swords, I followed that up with making Ixion in the factory and then progressing it to its ultimate form, Guard Axis.  I continued on down the line, ending up with Earthshaker.

The other four Seven-Star Swords I haven't yet made, but I've pieced together how to do each one from the FAQ I'm pulling information from.

Mastering people's ultimate weapons takes forever, because each stat has a maximum of like 90 something, they typically start low after the last synthesis (the starting point depends on the stat's value on the combined weapons), and you get one point in a random stat per battle.  That said, I got through Deego and Zegram.  Kisala's mastered her boots, and Lilika's working on her stuff.  Since Jaster can't be removed from the party, his ultimate sub-weapon has been mastered for quite some time now.

My compulsion for completeness won't let me put the game to rest without the game completion, weapon synthesis, and ultimate weapon mastering being done.  I've got quite a long way to go yet before even really completing all aspects of the game, though.

Edit: ...aaaaaaaaaaand after I posted this I kept playing, and finished the factory.

A Few Days Later Edit: I guess I should mention what my project with Jaster is.  Basically, all four of the special swords he has can be upgraded via fairly straightforward synthesis chains.  There are also the seven Seven-Star Swords, which can also be upgraded.  I'm upgrading ALL of them.  I've got three of his four special swords fully upgraded (Ruler's Horn, Zeo Sychros X, and Diabolos), and similarly three of the seven Seven-Star Swords upgraded (Earthshaker, Guard Axis, and Gryphon Lord).  I've worked out what the synthesis chains are for the remaining swords, it's just a matter of getting all the component swords and then fighting 15 battles per sword.  Dorgencalibur will be the last one, so I can conclude the whole thing with his ultimate weapon.

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