Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 9

It's been a while...  I've had less time for games and entertainment due to being employed.  It's my day off, so let's get to it.

I remember last session I was ascending the Gladius Towers, and noticed that I'd basically have to go into both of them to get all the goodies.  So I teleported back and went up the other tower.  It ended up being exactly as I suspected: there are two routes up the towers, and they are mutually exclusive.

Pretty much this entire part of this session was spent running around the towers opening chests, fighting enemies, and adding items to peoples' Revelation Flows.  In other words, nothing remarkable happened.

After I caught up going through the floors I'd missed, I pressed on up the towers, making sure to get each floor of both towers explored before continuing.  At the top, on the eighth floor, I finally reached the two throne rooms, one for each prince.  They had been quarreling because their father had failed to name one of them as the heir, and had caused a huge war in the process.  Both of them were initially stupid, believing that the other one had sent me to talk to them, so I defeated them both.  Only after giving both of them a good ass-whooping did they come to their senses.  After a speech, they gave me the Key Piece I was after.

Oh and as a bonus, both princes were already dead, and both refused to accept it when we told them that they were in fact spirits.

One annoying thing is that the game seems to stop triggering challenge battles at a certain point in each area.  Which means that once you reach that point, your only source of Hunter Coins is by finding and defeating mimics.  Which are annoying as hell to fight because they deplete your action bar at the beginning of the fight and have insanely high offense and defense.  Anyway.

After scouring for chests, finding an outfit for Simon, and killing two of the beasts I had quarries for, I left for Juraika and the last Key Piece.

On Juraika, I pressed northwards into the one area of the jungle I hadn't yet been in.  In a clearing I found a couple chests, a save point, and the trigger point for another beast I had a quarry for.  Killed it, and hopped two hunter ranks from 10 to 8.  With that came enough Hunter Coins to get me to 60, so I GTFOed to Zerard where I finally got my Platinum License.

After getting my Platinum License, I went and bought a whole bunch of stuff that required it.  Including yet another outfit for Simon, and a book called "The Annals of Hades" that ended up showing up on the inventory's SP tab under Rare Items.

Back on Juraika, I explored a bit more, killed a bunch of things, looted chests, and went up to hunter rank 7 in the process.  Nice way to end a session, I think.

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