Monday, May 7, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 7

It's been a while...  Let's get to it.

Loaded up and remembered that the path to the ruins had enemies I needed for the hunter rankings as well as items for Revelation Flow, so I decided to get whatever sorted out that needed it.  After quite a while of farming, I had a lot more abilities, including some combination attacks that require a certain party to use.

Partway through the farming the game gave me a challenge: "Defeat all enemies in 30 seconds with Zegram alone!".  My party at the time was Jaster, Kisala, and Deego.  It was this moment where I discovered that you can swap your party around during battle.  I swapped Zegram in, switched to him, and told the rest of the team to stay back, but the enemies were so spread out that I couldn't find the last one until after the timer had run out.  Oh well.

Once I'd decided I'd farmed enough, which involved maxing a couple of axes for Deego and doing some weapon synthesis, I decided to continue on into the ruins.  It turned out I should have gone in there at the end of last session, because there's a guy who sells Ancient Scroll IIs there, which unlock people's Burning Strike Lv2, and there were some Star Earrings in a chest, which let me unlock a significant portion of Kisala's Revelation Flow because there's a whole subsection of it that starts with those.

So anyway, I worked my way further into the ruins, found a bunch of items, and unlocked more abilities, when I finally approached the place where Daytron was taking the tablet.  Through cutscenes I'd found out that we hadn't really beaten them there, but we did get there before they started with the tablet.  It apparently has three Key Pieces that it gives clues as to their whereabouts, and whoever gets all three gets the knowledge of the tablet.  We eavesdropped on the scene and figured that much out before we were noticed by this weird artifically-created guy named Seed who attacked us.  Right when I got his health down by about 25% there was a "omg we can't do this he's too strong" cutscene, and of all people to come to the rescue, Desert Claw showed up and saved our asses.  By allowing us to escape, that is.

Back on the Dorgenark, everyone gathered around and figured out where the three Key Pieces must be.  One happens to be on Vedan, which was great for me because I wanted to see if Angela had rebuilt her bar or not.  It turned out she had, and I got the Star Key that I'd missed earlier.  This is where making notes of all the keyed chests' locations came in handy, I could easily go back to all the places I listed and open the chests.

I figured since one of the Key Pieces I needed was on Vedan, I might as well go get it.  Along the way I got a bunch of good stuff including new boots for Kisala, and the very last transporter in the area was apparently the last one on the entire planet, and I unlocked the full map of the planet, which includes treasure chest locations.  Now that I know this feature exists, my notes about keyed chests are a little less important...

After getting that save point and getting the three chests it revealed that I'd missed, I skipped the planet.  Hopped on over to Zerard and hunted down the Star Key chests there (without advancing into the new area with one of the Key Pieces), and then hopped over to Rosa and grabbed the Star Key chests and the save point by the Great Tablet.  Jumped to Juraika and saved.

Then I had dinner.

Once I was back, I loaded up the game again to grab the chests on Juraika.  Then I realized I hadn't done a clean sweep of Vedan for chests, so I went back and got to experience the fun of jumping off of the top of a train not once, not twice, but three times, twice while it was moving, to get to a platform with a chest on it.  One of the chests had a new outfit for Kisala.  The outfits really don't change a heck of a lot stat-wise, they're mostly about looks from what I can tell.

Anyway, then I looked at my hunting record and noticed I still needed a few of the new enemies from Vedan, so I went into my usual dual-purpose farming run outside of Angela's Bar: getting kills for the hunter rankings, and maxing out crappy weapons so I can use them in weapon synthesis.

Partway through this I got tired of playing, saved, and shut the game off.

Edit: I'm getting pretty close to the Platinum license.  I think I have a bit over 20 Hunter Coins left.  I think getting that will be my next priority, since it means there's stuff at certain vendors I'll be able to buy, and there's a guy on Vedan I'll be able to talk to who says "you gotta have a Platinum license to see the secret menu!".

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